When hiring managers spend just 6 seconds looking at your resume, it is crucial that you provide them with the PERFECT snapshot of what you can do for their company!

I’m not some overpriced agency. I’m a professional resume writer who will work 1 on 1 with you to ensure your resume and LinkedIn profile highlight your achievements, lead to a higher salary, and get you interviews.

My goal as a resume writer is to assure that every hiring authority will give you the consideration you deserve. When it comes to the perfect resume, the most important thing is to immediately sell your potential…and I know how to accomplish that.

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My samples:

Business Development Executive

Business Development Executive Resume Sample

Hospitality Management Professional

Hospitality Management Professional Resume Sample

Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Manager Resume Sample


Resumes That Are Too Long


Resumes That Are Unproffesional and Unorganized


Wrong Choice Of Words


Resumes that don't get past the ATS

Your resume has just 15 seconds to make a huge impression through applicant tracking systems and also the human recruiters. What does yours say? It’s common knowledge that when you when you have a concise well-written resume, it makes a significant impact on your first impression. What do I do? I help you secure the job of your dreams. When your resume isn’t up to par, it is never going to help get you the interview. In today’s job market you always have to be one step ahead, so when I create resumes, I develop a powerful document that says you are ready to make the first step towards obtaining the job of your dreams.

I Can Help You With:

  • Resume Development
  • LinkedIn Profile Development
  • Updating Your Resume
  • Executive Bios
  • Confidence in your abilities

  • Career Changing Resume
  • Executive Resume Writing
  • Management Resumes
  • All Branding
  • Job Search Strategies 
  • The Perfect Cover Letter
  • Optimizing Search Results
  • Targeting Prospects
  • Resume Reviews
  • Door-Opening Resumes

But, Most Importantly Getting You Hired.

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Every day without a job is costing you.

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Beginning to write a resume from scratch can seem like a really daunting task. I understand it’s actually really hard to write about yourself no matter how strong a writer you may be. Resumes are also very very different documents. You must create a captivating document and that can sometimes be very difficult from formatting to design to content placed in it.

Resume Writing is an art. Leave it to me!