Write a Resume that Generates Results

What is the purpose of a resume?

Pass the Screening Process — i.e. Keyword scanners, HR department requirements, aesthetics

  1. Establish your professional standards – excellent ability to gather info/ organized, clear, consistent – Visually pleasing is an art… simple clean structure with everything laid out perfectly. Guide the reader’s eyes…
  2. Provide background information – your accomplishments, interests in your career, and how you can serve their company – show you are results-oriented. Don’t write that phrase. Show them with your expertise and achievements.


OK- so I have a great resume, but I’m not sure what job I want to target!!

  • Skills- skills can work wonders in figuring out where you want to go if you are not sure.  Identify your core skills. Decide on how your abilities are transferable to other careers.
  • Experience- experience is a given if you know how to do a specific job find a job that fits your personal skills and tasks your familiar with.  
  • Education- If you have a degree in a specific subject you should target jobs that have to do with your education.


Knock Their Socks Off

  • 1 person out of every 200 applicants gets the interview- what will make you stand out among the candidates? 
  • What does the employer want? Now is the time to focus on their needs- not yours. Address their needs in the interview and show them how you are perfect to help them achieve their bottom line.

You can even call the prospective employer and ask them directly what they are looking for in a candidate.

Most people just apply blindly… go into it all with KNOWLEDGE! Whatever you do though don’t lie.


 Gaps in Employment?

No problem! A cross hybrid chronological and functional resume will help handle that….

But what I find is that a Cover Letter is the perfect place to explain that.

No matter if it is a lack of finding work, illness, family matters, or being a stay at home parent returning to the workforce.


 Above all- what is the magic Ingredient? Confidence!!

Don’t be shy. Pick up the phone, find out what they want- develop your resume to fit that perfectly.

If you don’t put the work in beforehand- it can be a waste of time.


This is your career – now get to it!