Top 3 Fatal Resume Mistakes

It’s easy to have a Resume from Hell… My goal is to help you make sure yours is NOT one of those!!

People say the strangest things on their resumes… the stuff I have seen would blow your mind…seriously…

Everything from threatening the new employer that their time is valuable and they should not be messed around with…

to saying the most basic of things like Team Player, Self Motivated…. YES you SHOULD be those period going into any job as a given… That is like the freebie space on a bingo card…

to using your mother as a references

I have even seen people put a headshot of themselves as the background to a resume on the paper… OMG! Can you say NO?

I have seen glitter paper used on a resume… Misspelling of the word PROOFREADING in skill sets and so much more…

Its crazy and it shows a lack of knowledge, and sometimes even just laziness in your career.

You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression…. And it couldn’t be more true with your resume. A great resume can open a door and it if yours is anything less than up to par- it will quickly close the door on your dream job!


  • Avoid resume builders that you find free online at all costs… Hiring managers spot them in an instant and realize you either lack creativity or don’t care enough to go the extra mile. So even if you get past the keywords- you are done.
  • Make sure you format it correctly and add contact information, skills, work experience and education.

 No Summary? NO Interview for you!

  • Not having a summary makes your resume a HARD SELL… And I don’t mean the objective ( you shouldn’t have those at all!)  The summary can be your greatest tool on your resume.
  • Never use the words, I, me, my etc on a summary- it is about you- not you talking about you.
  • This career summary should show your skill level and experiences directly related to the position being sought- you know how I say that the job opening details give all the info away on what they are looking for… THIS is the place you can really make sure you tick all their boxes!!

 Not Too Focused

  • Don’t allow your resume to be TOO focused on your job duties. It will come over as a boring list of job duties and responsibilities. What you need to do is DEMONSTRATE how you made a difference at each company- how did you outperform on the achievements? What problems did you meet, and how did you overcome them and furthermore what are the results?


I want to help you to NOT make these fatal mistakes that will cost you the job you want. For More Helpful Tips Check This Out!