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I want my resume reviewed.

Do you already have your resume written but are having second thoughts on if it is ready to send out? Maybe your not sure about the font or aren’t sure if everything is spelled correctly. Well, DON’T YOU WORRY! To help you present a perfect resume in today’s job market I give FREE resume reviews. I will review your resume for accuracy, clarity, and eye-catching content. Check out this for tips and tricks to improve your resume easily!

I want my resume written!

Your desk is a mess, your words are sloppy, and your coffee is getting cold – all while working on a deadline. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Stop worrying about what and what not to do when writing your resume. Your experiences and education are unique and I will make sure to depict that for you. I will help you create a resume that reflects your greatest strengths; landing you more interviews, guaranteed, in no time.

I need my LinkedIn Profile developed!

Yes, I can solely produce a resume for you – but why chance it? If you’re already making the initial investment in your career, why not additionally create an online image telling your unique story. A professional LinkedIn profile sets you apart from all other candidates.  There are enough worries diving headfirst into today’s job market: having the perfect resume and online profile doesn’t have to be one of them.

hey you!

I’m Jade

I have years of experience writing for clients who need to stand out in their interviews!

I am a resume writer and LinkedIn developer who helps experts in their career, just like you, translate their story into words that get them hired.

Finding the perfect balance between adding your personality to your job search and applying what you know the interviewers want can feel impossible.

Turns out that’s what I’m good at!

So, let’s work together. I will use my experience, writing skills, and knowledge of who you are to help you stand out on paper. 


What My Customers Are Saying:

"Making the next step in my career will be much easier thanks to the work that Jade put in."


Jade was awesome to work with. She was responsive and timely. She was prepared, and while working as an accountant can make building a resume/profile difficult for those that don’t understand what accountants do, Jade did an excellent job of creating me an up to date, professional resume that highlighted my experience. Taking the next step in my career will be much easier thanks to the work that Jade put in.

➤ Aubrey Dinneen | LinkedIn Profile 

"Jade will skyrocket your resume!"


There is a word in English that sums up the greatness of an individual while standing as the best in doing something: being natural. There are not many individuals like this. Think of Einstein, Maradona, Senna, Agostini, Jordan, Woods and you grasp the idea. Jade is simply natural in getting a vague and bland LinkedIn resume and polish it so brightly that you need a pair of sunglasses to look at it again. It is one of those cases where words like “cost”, “apply”, “order” and all the likes do not make justice. Having the privilege to let Jade working on your resume is an “investment” whose return is far greater than anything you are going to put in. All the compliments I may write for her professionalism, customer service, speed of service, help and so on, do not make justice to the simple fact she is natural in this line of business. To win, you need a great start. Jade will skyrocket your resume up in the air. You cannot miss it.

➤ Pino Mancuso | LinkedIn Profile

"I cannot recommend her enough!"


I have gone through a few professionals in my past, trying to get that perfect resume and resources. While the resume from each one looked better, it did not change how I felt. However, when I saw how Jade changed the resumes for others, it was an incredible change. It didn’t take long for me to place my order. I cannot express how big of a difference the resume and resources are. Not only did they do a better job showcasing my experience, but it felt and looked fitting to the years I put into my career. I cannot recommend her enough!

➤ Michael McKie | LinkedIn Profile

"Because of Jade I just got promoted to senior executive!"


Before I found Jade and asked her to write my resume I was struggling with a document that felt bare and unorganized. My words were all over the place, and I had no idea where what should go. If I was going to apply for the position of senior executive I needed a resume that really stood out. When I stumbled upon her website as I was looking for resume services I instantly loved it. She seemed really personable on the site and even more so when I actually spoke with her. If you need someone who is going to work diligently to make sure you get the position you want, it’s Jade.

➤ Mary Smith | LinkedIn Profile

"Jade is AWESOME. If you need someone to match your voice choose her."


I’m not much of a writer. Never really have been. Working in the tech industry doesn’t really require the best grammar or ability to express yourself. So, when I decided to change industries and needed a resume I had no idea where to start. I’m a funny guy and I wanted that to come across in my LinkedIn and resume. When I found Jade I saw that she worked with her clients to help them express themselves so they can get the job they are looking for. She did an awesome job on my resume and LinkedIn profile. It wasn’t a bunch of bland words crammed onto a page. They actually represented me.

➤ Matt Wheeler | LinkedIn Profile 

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You can rest assured that I will deliver only the very best documents to ensure you get the interviews you deserve.

It is crucial to remember that resumes are much more than just words on a page.

After all, they are the employer’s first glimpse of you: the unique talents, skills, and gifts which set you apart from hundreds of other candidates.

There are many additional benefits as well.

A captivating, well-written resume will bolster confidence, generate interviews, and eventually assure you a job on the career path of your dreams.